Anxiety Therapy

Trauma-Informed Approach to Therapy for Trauma and PTSD
Acceptance And Commitment Therapy
Acceptance And Commitment Therapy
In the realm of pain and trauma, pushing it away can worsen the situation. ACT is about acknowledging that pain is part of the human experience and making thoughtful choices in how we handle it.
Our bodies often hold onto past trauma, influencing our daily perceptions and connections with others. Through body/mindfulness, we tune into the present moment, helping you find inner calm and reshape your reactions to align with the current situation.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CBT helps change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. Together, we find those thoughts, understand why you do certain things, learn better problem-solving skills, and boost confidence.
Cognitive Processing Therapy
CPT helps deal with upsetting beliefs tied to trauma and PTSD. We work on changing those negative thoughts and feelings to reduce trauma’s impact on your daily life. You’ll gain new perspectives and feel more supported, following Trauma-Informed Therapy principles.
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Why Choose Wolf Den Therapy for Traumatic Growth? ?
I firmly believe that healing from trauma is not merely about erasing scars but rewriting your narrative with newfound strength and resilience. Your journey with me transcends traditional therapy; it’s a purposeful stride towards personal growth and transformation.
Traumatic Growth and Resilience:
If you’re navigating the complexities of trauma, PTSD, and seeking a path to traumatic growth, I am committed to being your companion. Together, we’ll explore the profound impact of traumatic experiences on your life, acknowledging the challenges while focusing on cultivating resilience and embracing positive change.
Understanding Unique Needs:
I am dedicated to understanding your unique needs, especially if you’re grappling with social anxiety rooted in childhood trauma. This type of trauma can often lead to an anxiety attachment style, influencing your relationships and daily interactions. With empathy and expertise, we will work together to unravel these complexities and pave the way for transformative growth.
Key Approaches for Trauma, PTSD, and Traumatic Growth:
My therapeutic toolbox includes a tailored mix of psychodynamic therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Mindfulness. These approaches are specifically chosen to address traumatic experiences, PTSD symptoms, and facilitate traumatic growth.

If you prefer online therapy in California or Utah, I provide a safe and supportive space. Families in California or Utah seeking trauma-focused support are also welcome.

Your transformation towards traumatic growth begins here. Let’s navigate the complexities, overcome obstacles, and together, rewrite your story with strength and resilience.

What can I support you in?
  • Struggling with painful memories and thoughts that won’t go away.
  • Facing reminders of your trauma.
  • Feeling jumpy and on edge all the time.
  • Feeling emotions again and moving past this numbness.
  • Losing a sense of joy and who you are.
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